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SOLW – Heine Thorhauge Mathiasen (guitar) & Sonja LaBianca (saxophone)

The duo, SOLW, was formed in 2017 and has since performed on the music and art scene in Japan, Denmark and Europe. US tour coming up Spring 2021.

The music of SOLW presents itself as a suite of pieces exploring the interplay between melodically abrupt improvisations and saturated washes of sound. Sax and guitar are both amplified. At times volume leaves room for the acoustic sound of the instruments and gives the impression of dynamic variation from drone-like ballads to high intensity noise.

Variations of SOLWs live performances feature the rotating sound sculpture ‘right now, an almost perfectly circular orbit‘ which presents itself as an active performer adding a third dimension of field recording and synths to the music.



released August 3, 2020


kr 150,00Price
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