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We have a number of releases from Danish labels, as well as publishers and limited edition artworks.

There are currently releases from:

Sensorisk Verden



År & Dag

Institut for Dansk Lydarkæologi


Publishing by:



Eget Værelse

A new limited edition screenprint made by Wilfred Wagner as a document of Sofie Birch and Johan Carøe's residency project at Andersabo and Polychrome
Edition of 20, only 10 left
200 danish kroner
(27 eur)

New: Co-release with Anyines

DEAP "Musik i En Tid"

Handmade LP artwork by DEAP and Maria Zahle

Available at Polychrome at the event 19 September,

and online soon at Anyines.

Other releases on Polychrome label:
Blue Lake "Moving"