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The shop is currently open during events and by appointment ( 

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We have a number of releases from Danish labels, as well as publishers and limited edition artworks. We are working on getting a webshop online with all the releases we have in stock.

There are currently releases from:

Sensorisk Verden



År & Dag

Institut for Dansk Lydarkæologi



A Quiet Room Recording

Forlaget Kornmod

One Take Records

Publishing by:



Eget Værelse

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A new limited edition screenprint made by Wilfred Wagner as a document of Sofie Birch and Johan Carøe's residency project at Andersabo and Polychrome
Edition of 20, only 10 left
200 danish kroner
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Polychrome is currently getting ready to open up again for projects, and this will include events in our shop, where we will be selling LPs, cassettes, books, and art objects, with a strong focus on Danish artists, as well as Scandinavian and international labels and artists.

For a look at what we have in-store, have a look at our webshop, and follow our Instagram for updates.

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