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26 April 2018


Christine Clemmesen / Squares & Triangles

The first project at Kiosk 7 will feature printed material by Copenhagen artist Christine Clemmesen, and the release of Squares & Triangles' LP Lilt.


For Kiosk 7, Clemmesen will be showing a poster and a series of prints titled "The Purpose of Apricot". These are the beginnings of a quarterly print that Clemmesen will be producing later in the year with Kiosk 7.


Squares & Triangles are a band with members in Copenhagen, London, and Zurich. Their 2nd LP, Lilt, was recorded last year in Copenhagen and rural Sweden, and will be the first release by Kiosk 7.


Squares and Triangles will give a short performance at 19:00 and the album will be for sale at the opening. 


Christine Clemmesen​

Order Lilt

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